• D'Naia Bryant


Watching people succeed.

Admiring people and their achievements.

Comparing who you are next to them.

You should be much further? Are you behind? Is it too late to fulfill your purpose? Changing the unique things about you to fit in. You began to wrap your confidence in who you think you should be. Those are some of the steps to losing yourself. I will be the first to tell you that starting off something can be scary. You start to look for references of the people who went before you. You ask others for opinions and steps to how they started. You listen and hear things that don’t line up with your core values BUT they have done it before so you start to find things to change about yourself to fit a mode. STOP! You are good enough. Say this out loud. I am good enough. Ok that was cute now say it like you believe it. I AM GOOD ENOUGH! There is nothing wrong with getting help. I would just say don’t become someone else because of their success. You can use the tools and still be who God made you to be. Sometimes you can be looking for a blueprint that doesn’t exist. Let God lead you. The world is begging for authenticity. Being yourself is the best way to go.

Don’t make the mistakes I made by dimming your light but shine brighter than the sun. The things that make you unique are what make you beautiful. Embrace all of you. You can appreciate those that came before and also be yourself. It’s hard work trying to be someone else.

#poetry #worth #goodenough