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  • D'Naia Bryant


As a child my first memory is pleasant. It isn’t laced with trauma or fear. When I was in some of the darkest places in my life I would close my eyes to find that memory. Even now it can still bring a smile to my face. I remember eating a Trix Popsicle, (yes I know I’m telling my age lol), on the couch with my mother. There is always the notion of safety, stability, and love associated between a mother and her child. My mother has her own story to tell but I will say her dealing with her trauma took a toll on me. This is why my second memory isn’t as pleasant as my first memory. She had to do what was in her best interest to take care of herself. I remember her leaving me with my maternal grandmother. It was supposed to be a short stay but turned out to be long term. I would often sit in my room and close my

eyes to see if I can find any memories of what happened between those two memories but never was successful. I began to be so angry and I was lashing

out. I walked around like I hated the world. I attended a summer camp and one of the teachers introduced short stories to the class. I lit up because I now found a safe place to put all of my emotions. I initially started writing to escape the pain of abandonment. The more intense my feelings became the more I wrote. I started to write in rhyme which became poetry. I overcame some of the most traumatic experiences in my life with the outlet of writing. I believe God gave me this gift of writing as a tool to carry me through the hardest times and also celebrate my wins. You don’t have to live in the pain of your life but you can use your pain to find your purpose. My purpose is to help people start, walk through, and maintain their writing journeys. I want you to heal to the point you are whole. Writing is a way to express yourself through your words because your words are truly the definition of powerful.

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